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Hey Homestuck fandom! I’m from the Young Justice/Green Lantern: TAS fandom and as of right now we’ve been cancelled. We’re trying to change Cartoon Network’s mind and put us on for another season, but we need all the help we can get. And knowing you guys, I know you can help. Right now, what we need is viewers. So I have a proposition for you.

For every person that pledges to turn their TV on from 10-11AM every Saturday to Cartoon Network for YJ and GL:TAS…I will read a page of Homestuck.

And it won’t be just me. I’ll post however many pledges I get each day and others in my fandom with join me to read X amount of pages from Homestuck. Knowing me, this won’t be an easy feat. I’ve only gotten 20 pages before I quit. But, if it will help my fandom, I will force myself to read it.

To pledge, either reblog saying so (not in the tags!) or like this post. So please, do not ‘like’ if you aren’t planning to turn on your TV! I’m trusting you guys!